The beauty business is booming in Slough

Since 2010 the number of hairdressers, barbers and nail bars has doubled in the town, rising from 30 to 60 by the end of 2017.

Retail specialists say the trend is likely to continue as consumers seek to treat themselves to an experience rather than buy an item on the high street.

Over recent months many familiar high street names have disappeared.

But while retailers nationally are being hit by the shift to online shopping, businesses that provide services are proving more resilient.

An independent review in July identified this shift on most high streets. It said: “The traditional anchors of many town centres such as banks, clothing shops and pubs have been closing hundreds of outlets and in the case of banks nearly 2,500. Where these shops have been taken over, they are being filled by health and beauty businesses – nail salons, tattoo parlours and barbers – all offering experiences rather than just products."

The report's author, former boss of Iceland and Wickes Bill Grimsey, explained: "Nail bars, hairdressers, even spas on the high street are experiential, so they are growing. They are taking on some of the commercial space that is vacant. It is growing at the moment, and with more and more opening across the country it is yet to reach a consolidation point."

But a tipping point may have been reached in Slough as the most recent records show that between 2016 and 2017 the number of beauty businesses was unchanged.