The Royal Borough's own Disability Sports Club SportsAble is to host a major swimming gala on October 20 for young swimmers throughout the region.

SportsAble has its headquarters in Braywick Road, Maidenhead.

But the planned gala is being held at St Andrew's School, Pangbourne - the first time in 30 years the club has been able to secure a large enough venue outside its own premises to stage such a big event.

It follows the setting up of a successful partnership with St Andrew's that saw SportsAble advise designers on the creation of a fully-accessible swimming pool, as part of its £4 million multi-sport centre which opened at the Pangbourne school earlier this year.

Sharon Bridge, SportsAble Swimming Coach said, “We were delighted when St Andrew’s approached us regarding their new swimming pool. It provides us with an excellent venue for swimming and has pool time available on Saturday daytime. This time suits families and young children, so we are absolutely thrilled to be able to provide them with this opportunity. We even have a race for siblings to take part in too, so it’s a fully inclusive gala.”

Working alongside the SportsAble team is Dave White, former Para Swimming co-ordinator for Swim England. Dave has extensive experience in para swimming, from talent spotting to organising galas like this in other parts of the country.

He said: “It is so important to be able to provide young disabled swimmers who are not competitive with an opportunity to compete. There is a lot of support for children who are on the competition circuit, but very little opportunity for those children who aren’t. I am delighted that I can work with SportsAble and St Andrew’s to host this gala.”

The SportsAble Gala is primarily aimed at children over the age of six with a physical, visual or intellectual impairment, from anywhere in the south of England.

To register a swimmer for the event email Dave White at

There is a nominal charge of £5 for every disabled entry and £2 for the Sibling Splash race.

For more information about SportsAble visit or call 01628 627690.