TENNIS players using the courts at Old Windsor recreation ground had a spring in their step this summer.

The courts in Robin Willis Way had been refurbished by Old Windsor Parish Council so this year's annual tournament was a a celebratory one.

Windsor GP Doctor Arun Bagga has been a member for three years and said: "We are actively looking for new members. I think this club is a great way to for people to play tennis locally and keep healthy, as well as being very sociable organisation."

This year's annual tournament at the club happened on Saturday and was won by Doctor Bagga and Jan Bull.

The Old Windsor Tennis club is a ‘not for profit’ friendly club, run by volunteers. The cost is £60 for 12 months (£40 if you want to play just play in the summer). New players are allowed two months free as a taster. There are three club sessions a week in the summer and one session per week in the winter. Just bring a racket at the club times and get included in the games.

Ring 01753 832519 or 01753 859985 for more details.