A trio of car enthusiasts are setting off on a rally through five countries in a car that no-one would even give them £750 for.

But this is no ordinary rally - it is the Screwball Rally, which only allows cars worth less than that amount to take part.

Next week three car loving friends from the Slough area will be setting off from Dover in a VW Golf Estate which will hopefully take them through Hanover, France, Holland and the Czech Republic - winding up at Warsaw in Poland.

They will make up just one out of 80 teams taking part in the rally, camping out and relying on each other's technical skills to keep themselves and the car going.

There is a serious purpose to the fun. Each team is fund raising for a favourite charity.

Garage owner Majinder Bachu, 43, of Parlaunt Road, Langley - who is chairing one of the teams - lost his dad to cancer.

His wife Pardip has been helping him get ready for the trip.

His friend Jag Sandhu, 51, of Farnham Lane, Farnham Royal, has run the Motor Discount Centre in London Road, Colnbrook since 1985. His wife Sandra recently beat cancer - the couple have two grown up children.

Father of four Billy Hoonjan, 60, of Whitby Road, Slough makes up the trio. He is a mechanic and has lost members of his family to the disease.

The three are raising money for Cancer Research. They have been friends for decades and are motor racing fanatics - regulars at Brands Hatch where Mr Bachu is a steward.

Mr Bachu said: "We have done some pretty adventurous things and have got involved in a lot of motor sports over the years. My father was a rally driver in Kenya so I must have inherited a lot of his enthusiasm.

"We meant to enter the Screwball Rally last year but left it too late. It really appealed that the car has to be one that is worth less than £750 and still capable of getting you to the end.

Mr Hoonjan said: "It adds to the fun. After all you would not risk a new car on a trip like this."

The Slough team settled on Cancer Research as the ideal charity early on.

Mr Bachu said: "It is about looking to the future on a subject that can affect us all."

To support the three visit https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/majinders-giving-page