A SEVEN-year-old girl from Warfield has donated 11 inches of her own hair to charity.

Eliza Earl, who goes to Warfield Primary School, made the decision earlier this year to grow her hair for The Little Princess Trust after reading about children who had lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

She stopped having her hair trimmed, and managed to grow her locks long enough to have 11 inches cut off on September 3.

Proud mum Helen said: "It was all her idea, she is very aware of other people and those less fortunate than her health-wise. I work with elderly people and she knows a few of them, so she wanted to do something for sick children.

"She was very excited on the day, things got a bit emotional when she saw how much had been cut off, and she realised what she had achieved."

The little girl decided to boost her donation by setting up a JustGiving page, but has already smashed her target of £150.

Helen said: "She has managed to raise just under £400, which is an incredible achievement. Her family, friends and teachers have all given her some money, which will go to The Little Princess Trust.

"I'm so proud of her, the fact that she has done all of this herself is just wonderful. We are still getting use to her new hairstyle, she has gone back to school and we have been trying a few different styles.

"She's really proud of herself, I think it's a lovely thing for her to do."

To sponsor Eliza visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/elizashaircut2018