WHAT do you do when the fuchsias are at their best but the pelargoniums are disappointing?

Windsor and Slough Chrysanthemum, Fuchsia and Pelargonium Society members were not defeated by this setback. For the first time the society combined its fuchsia and pelargonium shows into one event staged at Gardener's Hall in St Leonard's Road, Windsor on Saturday.

There was a good turn out to see the show and the prizes were given out by the president - Royal Borough past mayor Sandra Hopkins.

Mrs Hopkins said: "Every year the weather tries its best to beat the growers and this year with the incredibly cold winter followed by an even hotter summer it made conditions more difficult than usual. Some of the exhibitors stated that it was the worst year they have known for a very long time but despite all that the displays on the benches were superb."

There was a good public turn out and many people took the opportunity to get some useful advice from the experts.

Prizes were given out by the Mrs Hopkins. Winners included Bob Clarke who won for producing the best pot, Ray Birt who had the best overall exhibit and Ron Smith who had the whitest bloom.

The club welcomes new members and exhibitors. All details can be found on their website, together with photos of the shows – wscfpsociety.btck.co.uk Prizewin