were having to make frantic arrangements when their children were all sent home.

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Thirsty Slough residents had a bad start to the week when they woke yesterday to find their had taps dried up - leaving some unable to wash.

Meanwhile six schools had to send their pupils home.

Tracey Charles, who lives at Lismore Park, Slough, told the Observer yesterday: "The pressure had been low but this morning there is no tap water at all. It was on at 2am but now there is nothing. My neighbour in the flat below is in the same situation."

Soon, parents of pupils at Godolphin Junior Academy, Iqra primary School, James Elliman Academy, St Joseph’s Catholic High School, Westgate Secondary School and Willow Primary School

nly lasted a few hours but served as a salutory warning as the heat wave continues.

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We’re sorry to those customers in Slough who had no water or lower pressure than normal this morning following the record demand for water in the area. For the vast majority, including the schools, pressure was up again by mid-morning.

“We’ve been pro-actively contacting people in Slough since last week, explaining the need to reduce their water use during the heatwave to prevent disruption, including sending out thousands of text messages over the weekend. We’re pumping an extra 25 per cent into the local network to help meet the increased demand but at peak times people may still notice a drop in their water pressure. We’re working as hard as we can to keep any disruption to the bare minimum.”