Soldier’s wife Annie Belasco, 34, who has told her amazing love story in the book Love and Remission, My Life, My Man, My Cancer will see it published next Wednesday by Trigger Press.

She lives in Windsor with her husband Sam and children Joseph, four and Rose, one.

The book describes how she met her husband Sam, a master saddler with the Household Cavalry based at Windsor through an online dating site, while she was battling breast cancer with only a 30 per cent chance of survival.

She told him the truth. He fell for her anyway and was with her though three years of harrowing treatment.

They married in 2012 at the Berystede Hotel, Ascot and made their home in Windsor.

Now Mrs Belasco combines life as a busy mum with a career as an inspirational speaker and a writer.

She said: “I wrote the book as part of my recovery. I want to show people that however long we have left it should be possible to live well.”