MP Adam Afriyie has confirmed he is to rebel against the decision by his fellow Royal Borough MP and Prime Minister Theresa May to allow the third runway at Heathrow, by voting against the plan WRITES PAUL THOMAS.

The Windsor MP told the Observer on Thursday: “My constituents will know that I’ve fought tooth and nail against Heathrow expansion for the last 15 years. Nothing has changed.

“From our conversations and meetings over many years, the Prime Minister is aware that I will be voting against the third runway to protect my constituents, but also because I believe it’s against our national interest to create a less competitive airport which will charge the highest landing fees in the world.

“It’s always tough to vote against your own Government, but a third runway at Heathrow will be a disaster locally and nationally and merely entrenches the stranglehold that the airport has over the UK. Mark my words: prices will rise for passengers and airlines if Heathrow ever manages to actually build the runway.”

Despite fierce opposition from some MPs and local authorities, the third runway is likely to be approved. If Heathrow can prove it can meet certain standards of noise and air quality.

The Royal Borough intends to launch a legal challenge over the expansion if it does not meet their standards. Council leader Simon Dudley said: “We will now be reviewing the National Policy Statement (NPS) to see if our significant concerns have been addressed.

“We will be liaising with our partner authorities, who represent over one million residents, to see if they have addressed our concerns. Any legal challenge will need to be launched within six weeks, so we’re on a tight timetable.”

Mr Dudley said a ban on night flights was a red line that the plans would have to meet.

The economic sub-committee, of which Theresa May is the chairwoman, has signed off the plans for Heathrow’s third runway, which have also been backed by full cabinet. The plans will now be debated on in Parliament in the coming weeks.”