ROADS around Ascot are set to benefit from a host of improvement works over the next year thanks to a £7 million cash injection by the council.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has pledged to invest more than £7.7m in the road networks, which will include £2.7m towards resurfacing and other annual works.

As set out in a paper approved by the cabinet on Thursday, May 24, the rest of the funding will be channelled into maintaining and improving the borough's bridges, cycle schemes, verge protection, and road markings among others.

The funding is split between £2.7m in the annual works programme and £5m from the previously approved capital works programme.

The investment will include £100,00 for traffic management; £65,000 for safer routes to schools; £50,000 for school cycle and scooter storage; and £50,000 for reducing congestion and improving air quality.

Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for highways, transport and Windsor, said: “We are looking to invest in improving our road network to help keep the borough moving.

“The funding will improve road surfaces and safety right across the borough with a variety of schemes.

“We are spending £7.7m to improve our road network, this includes both major capital schemes and annual works to improve the hundreds of thousands of journeys made on our roads every year.

“This year’s annual works, worth £2.7m, will restore infrastructure, preventing the need for more expensive works in the future and creating new features including crossings and widened carriageways. It will also launch schemes to boost safety and make cycling easier.

“Additionally we are looking at increasing funding for road repairs in this financial year in response to extreme weather over the winter. This would build on the £1.7m we have already approved for resurfacing.”