A disabled councillor is winning his battle to replace Eton's old-fashioned pavement gulleys which can make using the High Street a painful experience for mobility scooter users.

Michael Cadwallader has been an Eton town councillor for 23 years and was the town's baker for 19 of them.

But in recent years the 76-year-old grandfather has been largely confined to a mobility scooter when he goes out, after a major operation led to him being fitted with an artificial pelvis.

He said: "It made me aware of how deep the gulleys are. There was one spot where there are two together and I would get trapped between them. To get over the others I would have to reverse backwards.

"I had a number of people in the same situation approaching me as a town councillor about it."

The answer to the problem came when Royal Borough councillor for Eton and Castle Malcolm Alexander was investigating what to do with the £20,000 capital grant all members are given to use in their own ward.

The money enabled about 30 of the old gulleys to be replaced with smooth level concrete ones that mobility scooters can glide over.

But the money has run out and some of the deep gulleys still remain.

Now Cllr Alexander hopes to persuade the Royal Borough to come up with the money to deal with the rest.

He said: "It is an unfinished project that I hope will be completed."