A BUILDING which cost £18million and was never used could be set for demolition. 

Bracknell Forest councillors will hear how developers want to build homes on the abandoned Beaufort Park. 

The building, which was owned by the Met Office - and cost £18 million - was never used and has since been left empty. 

Hodge Bank, which snapped up the site in 2017, wants to build housing.

A planning application was sent to Bracknell Forest Council last year for 68 dwellings.

But residents aren’t happy with the plans and have written objections to the council.

Theresa Ridgers, of Ingleton, wrote: “This will totally spoil the area and surrounding land – there is already a vast amount of housing development going on in that area, another 68 dwellings will put more pressure on the road structure and neighbouring community.

“Please keep it as a non-imposing office, hidden by the trees – Bracknell is in danger of losing too many offices to housing developments.

“Bracknell needs places for people to work, too many dwellings but not enough offices would be a bad move for Bracknell.”

Lone Hansen, of Cambridge Road, Crowthorne, wrote: “I live in Crowthorne and work in Bracknell and it often takes 25-30 min to drive the five miles home in the evening as the infrastructure can not cope 
with all the new houses being build. 

“I have lived in Bracknell since 1995 and the infrastructure (road, cycle paths) have hardly changes although Bracknell has tripled in size.”

Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee will view the plans at their meeting on Thursday April 19.