Police are warning people to be vigilant after two dogs were stolen in the space of one night.

On Monday an owner let a dog out into the front garden in Old Mill Place, Wraysbury at about 10pm to 10.15pm.

He saw a van pull up outside his house, a man get out, grab his dog, get back in the car and drive off at speed. The car was a black VW Golf. The man is described as being of Eastern European appearance, dark haired, wearing a dark jacket. He was the passenger in the car. He was shouting at the driver, possibly in Polish to drive away. The dog is a Bishon Poo, a Frise cross with a Poodle and has a distinctive black spot on the left hand side. She is microchipped.

Between 6pm and midnight on the same night in Stanwell Road, Horton an owner let their dog out into their front garden. When they went to let him back in he had vanished and the owner believes he was stolen from the front garden, which was well fenced to stop him getting out. The dog is a black and white four year old Pug. Police are warning people to be careful if they have a valuable dog and to report anyone driving up and down your road, or walking about possibly looking for dogs.

Call the police on 101 or 0118 555 111.