Major change faces Windsor's four churches as they prepare to say goodbye to their rector and curate.

Reverend Ainsley Swift who has looked after the parish for 20 years will officiate at his last service at the end of May, before he takes over as vicar of St Michael's Church in Bray.

Curate Reverend Kate Harrison is also leaving to take up her first parish as as fully fledged vicar, at St Johns Wood.

A stand-by team including the former Rector of Langley Canon Jeremy Hurst and two Windsor based associate priests - newly arrived Reverend Tim Laundon and veteran Reverend John Quick will fill in while a new permanent rector is found.

But Mr Swift will remain a leading figure across the Royal Borough as he accepted the job of Area Dean of Maidenhead and Windsor in January.

Taking on the job as vicar of Bray as well means he will also be running the largest parish in the borough - extending from the outskirts of Maidenhead as far as Dedworth.

He said: "The funny thing is that when I was summoned to see the bishop I thought it might be about taking over in Bray after Reverend Richard Cowles left. The offer to become Area Dean was a surprise and when I mentioned to the bishop that I had thought the meeting was about Bray he looked surprised."

But the misunderstanding ended with him agreeing to take both jobs.

He will not be losing touch with Windsor because of his new role as Area Dean and said: "I have mixed emotions after 20 years of living in Windsor which I have loved. People have given me huge support in lots of ways."

He will be inducted in his new role at St Michael's Bray on July 12 at 7.30.

For Kate Harrison, the move to St Johns Wood as vicar marks the completion of her journey towards acquiring her own parish that began eight years ago.

She said: "I literally felt the calling to train for the church while I was in a tent at a Christian festival."

Now she is looking forward to her first parish as she and her husband get ready for the move.