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Last updated at 6.44pm Wednesday 17th October 2018

  • A4 Bath Road Reading

    A4 Live travel

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    Heavy traffic in the roadworks area

    Last updated 19 minutes ago


  • A4155 Prospect Street Caversham

    A4155 Live travel

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    Queueing traffic

    Last updated 7 minutes ago


  • A33 Basingstoke Road Reading

    A33 Live travel

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    Very slow traffic

    Last updated 15 minutes ago


  • Queen's Road Reading

    road Live travel

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    Busy but moving

    Last updated 3 minutes ago


  • A4155 Caversham Road Caversham

    A4155 Live travel

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    Traffic returned to normal

    Last updated 7 minutes ago


  • A4074 St Peters Hill / Church Road Caversham

    A4074 Live travel

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    Traffic easing

    Last updated 8 minutes ago



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