Thatcham mother backs diabetes care in school campaign

Published: 16 Feb 2014 08:00

A THATCHAM mother is backing a campaign to boost care in schools for children with diabetes.

WELL SUPPORTED: David Rudkin with all his diabetes paraphernalia has one-to-one care at his school - this is not the case everywhere.

The Government has launched a consultation quizzing people on what schools should be doing to support children with conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and Type 1 diabetes and Juliet Rudkin – whose son David has Type 1 diabetes – is urging people to help shape the guidance before it comes into effect from September.

Mrs Rudkin said: “If you are in that line of work and involved with children you have to be first-aid trained. As an adult, it’s your responsibility to have whatever training is available.

“Unfortunately, diabetes is very much on the increase. People don’t quite realise what a difficult condition it is to live with. It’s extremely difficult to manage.”

David, 10, goes to Francis Baily Primary School in Thatcham and wears a sensor which constantly monitors his cell sugars because he does not display symptoms when he has regular hypoglycemia attacks.

In March last year, his sensor failed to work and he was rushed to hospital

after his blood sugars fell under 4 mmol/L (millimoles per litre) which triggered dangerously low blood glucose.

Mrs Rudkin, a police sergeant, said: “It was a shocking event for the school to see. I was packing to take him on holiday and it terrified me when I was called and I saw him lying on the floor.”

Mrs Rudkin said the school has been helping David by providing one-to-one care and reviewing the parking in front of the school following the trip to hospital.

High blood glucose levels caused by Type 1 diabetes can increase risk of

serious complications such as amputation, stroke and blindness later in life.

Diabetes UK South East regional manager Jill Steaton said: “Some parents and carers are telling us that their children are being refused help with their insulin and in some cases parents have even had to go into the school to administer insulin, which puts a huge strain on their families.

“This is why we are urging everyone to have their say and tell the Government what they think.”


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