It is nice to have company while running a half marathon.

But mum of three Ellie Gosling, 32, did the entire 13 mile run at Dorney Lake in Court Lane, pushing her twins - 16 month old Hannah and Freya - in their buggy.

Now she is hoping to be included in the Guinness Book of Records, for doing the run in the fastest time while pushing a buggy.

A previous record was established the previous year at the same spot. But Ellie beat it by running hers in one hour, 47 minutes, 33 seconds on Saturday, March 18 while taking part in the run organised by the sporting event organisers F3.

Mrs Gosling, of Eddington Road, Bracknell, runs her own sports events company with her husband Ian.

How did the twins behave during their 'run?'

Mrs Gosling said: "One slept the whole time because she had a tummy upset. But I had to stop to give the other one a snack.

"The worst part was running into the wind, especially as the buggy weighed 30 kilos."

But it still did not stop her managing her record time.

Son Max, two, came along to give his support.