UPDATED - Conservatives hold but lose two seats

Published: 4 May 2012 11:151 comment

Votes have all been counted in Wokingham Borough Council election at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre. Conservatives have held their majority but lost two seats. Council is now made up of 43 Tories, 10 Lib Dems and 1 Independent.

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Council composition:






WELCOME to the Wokingham Borough Council election count 2012 live from the Loddon Valley Leisure Centre in Lower Earley. Polling stations have closed and the results will appear here live as they are announced. Readers can also keep up to date with the action on Twitter by following @rdgchronicle.

There are 18 of the council's 54 seats up for grabs, but even if the Tories were to lose their 15 contested seats, they would still have 30, enough for a majority.

The Liberal Democrats hold the remaining nine seats, three of which will be contested in Bulmershe and Whitegates, Loddon and Twyford.



Labour (Lab)

Conservatives (Con)

Liberal Democrats (LD)

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Green Party (GRN)

Independent (Ind)

The Co-operative Party (Co-op)


Current composition:

Con 45

LD 9


Bulmershe & Whitegates: LIB DEM HOLD

Greg Bello (Lab) 750

Lesley Hayward (LD) 976

Billy Khan (UKIP) 137

Mohammed Parvaiz (Con) 660

Adrian Windisch (Grn) 106

Spoiled 6

Turnout 40%



Paula Montie (Grn) 79

Wayne Smith (Con) 562

Paul Trott (LD) 83

Umesh Ummat (Lab) 62

Spoiled 3

Turnout 36%


Wokingham without: CON HOLD

Thomas Blomley (Grn) 178

Pauline Helliar-Symons (Con) 1,268

Elaine Spratling (LD) 147

Graham Widdows (UKIP)316

Spoiled 11

Turnout 31%



Emma Hobbs (Con) 382

James O'Callaghan (Grn) 44

Nick Ray (Ind) 414

Malcolm Storry (LD) 42

Spoiled 2

Turnout 38%


Shinfield South: CON HOLD

Marjory Bisset (Grn) 473

Charlotte Haitham Taylor (Con) 893

Imogen Shepherd-Dubey (LD) 141

Spoiled 9

Turnout 29%


Wescott: CON HOLD

Stella Howell (UKIP) 135

James Leask (LD) 158

Kazek Lokuciewski (Grn) 187

John Woodward (Lab) 166

Bob Wyatt (Con) 679

Spoiled 5

Turnout 31%


Norreys: CON HOLD

John Bray (LD) 268

Mary Gascoyne (Lab) 315

Emma-Louise Hamilton (Grn) 120

Keith Knight (UKIP) 212

Malcolm Richards (Con) 959

Robin Smith (Ind) 82

Spoiled 9

Turnout 29%



James Ewan (Grn) 118

Lindsay Ferris (LD) 1011

Richard Fort (Lab) 159

Sam Hawkins (Con) 527

Spoiled 14

Turnout 40%


Evendons: CON HOLD

Dianne King (Con) 967

Steven Scarrott (LD) 388

Anthony Skuse (Lab) 286

Mike Spencer (UKIP) 278

Spoiled 8

Turnout 28%


Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe: CON HOLD

Martin Alder (LD) 248

Matthew Dent (Lab/Co-op) 172

John Halsall (Con) 937

Spoiled 10

Turnout 31%


Emmbrook: CON HOLD

Ullakarin Clark (Con) 1202

Suresh Jeganathan (LD) 291

Steven McMillan (UKIP) 330

Paul Sharples (Lab) 313

Spoiled 14

Turnout 33%


Finchampstead South: CON HOLD

Roland Cundy (LD) 345

Ian Pittock (Con) 843

Matthew Valler (Grn) 241

Spoiled 15

Turnout 33%


Winnersh: LIB DEM GAIN

Mark Ashwell (Con) 961

John Baker (Lab) 175

Tony Pollock (UKIP) 183

Rachelle Shepherd-Dubey (LD) 1183

Spoiled 8

Turnout 35%


Hawkedon: CON HOLD

Guy Grandison (Con) 688

Peter Jackson (UKIP) 142

John Prior (Grn) 97

Anthony Vick (LD) 402

Neville Waites (Lab) 278

Spoiled 2

Turnout 23%



Tom Clark (Lab) 303

Tom McCann (LD) 846

Bill Soane (Con) 751

Julia Titus (Grn) 132

Spoiled 9

Turnout 30%


Hillside: CON HOLD

Helene Cherry (Grn) 241

Pauline Jorgensen (Con) 1062

David Sharp (Lab) 317

Keith Yabsley (LD) 465

Spoiled 9

Turnout 31%


Finchampstead North: CON HOLD

Martyn Foss (Grn) 124

Mike Gore (Con) 1038

Tim Jinkerson (Lab/Co-op) 193

Roy Neall (LD) 121

Spoiled 8

Turnout 34%


Maiden Erlegh: CON HOLD

David Hare (LD) 528

Nicholas Marshall (Grn) 238

Ken Miall (Con) 966

Jacqueline Rupert (Lab) 373

Spoiled 5

Turnout 30%


Wokingham's deputy leader, Cllr Rob Stanton, said he was "disappointed" by evidence of a low turnout. He added: "The turnout is sadly in line with the national picture.

"There are also signs of protest votes while I've been watching the counts, but I am quietly confident."


THE BIGGEST issues for voters is rubbish and libraries, according to the Labour candidate for Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe.

Matthew Dent said the issues are prominent in the borough, but admitted he thinks Tory-led Wokingham is unlikely to see the same level of Labour gains as across the UK.

He added: "Nationally Labour have done really well, but here it's a bit different.

"I think the big reason that Labour has done so well nationally is because of the economic situation and the fact that we are back in a recession. The Tories based most of their political campaign on economics and they can't really stand by that when the situation is now how it is.

"I've been campaigning hard but I wouldn't want to call it just yet - I think the Tories will still do disappointingly well."

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