STUDENTS from a growing school welcomed a visit from Reading East's MP last week.

Rob Wilson mingled with the student council when he turned up to Beechwood Primary School in Woodley.

The visit followed on from Wokingham Borough Council's decision to add an extra 15 reception places to the Ambleside Close site this year.

The council has also planned to expand the school further in 2017.

Mr Wilson was given a tour of the school after meeting the children, and was shown where the new facilities - including three new classrooms - will be.

Speaking after the visit, he said: "Beechwood Primary has worked with Wokingham Borough Council to deliver much needed additional school places which will continue to boost the numbers of good primary places in my constituency – this is great news for local parents.

“It is really encouraging to note the enthusiasm with which staff, pupils and governors at Beechwood Primary are approaching school expansion, both in terms of pupil intake for September 2016 and new building and facilities from 2017. The school is certainly ambitious in its outlook and I was very impressed with the proposals to expand teaching and learning facilities, with the prospect of additional classroom and communal space.

“I’d like to thank Mr Davies and Beechwood Primary for inviting me to the school and for taking the time to explain some of the exciting developments which are planned for the future.”