AN ENGINEER who is working on 'smart' cities of the future has been captured by a famous photographer's studio in a bid to challenge industry stereotypes.

Dr Larissa Suzuki, from Wokingham, has made it through to the finals of the Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards.

During a ten year career in computer science and engineering, she has helped develop technologies to support London's growth and, while acting as chief technology officer at UCL, researched cities that will cater to citizens' needs in the future.

Ahead of the awards in December, photographer and Rankin protégé Vicky Lawton photographed the shortlist in Rankin's London studio, best known for hosting the likes of Kate Moss, Madonna and The Queen.

Named ‘Portrait of an Engineer’, the collection of images aim to dispel the traditional perceptions of engineers in hard hats and high vis jackets and instead highlight the diverse career opportunities available in the industry.

Jo Foster, diversity and inclusion manager at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, said: “There is a significant shortage of engineers in the UK which is posing a serious threat to the economy. One of the biggest challenges is encouraging women to take up careers, currently only 9 per cent of engineers are female, the lowest in Europe.

“One of the difficulties in attracting women is often down to the image of engineers within the UK, which are perceived as masculine, unglamorous and usually depicts people wearing hard hats and overalls.

"The reality is very different. Engineering is an exciting and highly paid career. It’s diverse, creative and offers the opportunity to do something life – or even – world changing.”

The winner will be announced on December 7 at Savoy Place in London.