A parish councillor convicted of assaulting a 14-year-old boy has been given a conditional discharge after telling magistrates of his battle to keep his local recreation ground safe from illegal joy riders.

Cllr Ewan Larcombe, 67, who serves on Datchet and Wraysbury Parish Councils, was found guilty by a district judge on October 27.

He returned to Reading magistrates court to be sentenced on Friday.

Prosecutor Katie Jeanes said that Mr Larcombe had walked towards the 14-year-old taking photographs as the boy rode across the recreation ground.

He put out his arm and caused the youth to fall off his off-road Susuki motorbike suffering grazing and bruising to his leg and lower back.

Cllr Larcombe came to court armed with pictures illustrating why he photographed people riding motorbikes on the recreation ground.

They showed children wearing masks making rude gestures at him, a woman just managing to get her dog out of the way of a motorbike and other examples of dangerous riding on the public green.

Mr Larcombe told the court: "As a parish councillor it is my duty to make our public space clean and safe. The recreation ground is clean but it is not safe.

“We’ve got rid of the caravans, we’ve got rid of the horses and motorbikes are just about the last thing that is left.”

The 14-year-old has now been issued with a Section 59 notice by police, which could lead to his bike being seized if he rides it in a way liable to cause 'alarm, distress and annoyance'.

Chris Cannon, defending Mr Larcombe, said: "He has been a councillor since 1986.There are a number of issues in this area and the police have done nothing over the years to assist local people with this problem."

He said that Mr Larcombe had no intention of stopping photographing motorbike riders, as he had admitted in an article in the Slough Observer after his conviction.

He said: "He has been grabbed by the throat and had rocks thrown at his house.

"He says he is not going to stop doing it because it is his duty.

"He has bought a camera with a long lens that will enable him to take pictures from a distance."

Chairman of magistrates Douglas Porter said: "This is a rather unfortunate case."

He gave Cllr Larcombe a conditional discharge for 12 months, ordering him to pay costs of £620, compensation of £100 and a victim surcharge of £20.

He wished Cllr Larcombe good luck as he left the court.


Datchet Parish Council is to meet Monday night in the Village Hll at Allen Way at 7.30pm to discuss Cllr Larcombe's future.