A new alcohol and drug service for adults in the Royal Borough has been turning lives around since its launch in May.

The Resilience service was launched in May in Reform Road, Maidenhead after the borough began working with the Cranstoun organisation which is a well established organisation working in the field.

At Tuesday's meeting of the borough's Health and Welfare Board Annie Steele, deputy director of operations at Cranstoun sited two examples of people who had been helped since Resilience was formed.

A 38 year old woman who had been injecting heroin and crack and whose children were in care is now drug free.

Miss Steel said: "She now wants to put something back by a becoming a mentor to others who have been in her situation."

A 43-year-old man who had been injecting heroin and crack and had committed domestic violence is now attending aid groups and having supervised contact with his child.

Miss Steel revealed that 40 people were now being helped and the service was trying to achieve early intervention in as many cases as possible.

Resilience's service is wide ranging. It gives vital advice about substance abuse, providing substitute prescribing through the Claremont and Holyport medical practice to help opiate users come off the drug they are addicted to, as well as a needle exchange service and virus screening and vaccinations.

It also helps people with a drink problem to detoxify and runs a range of group activities to help people maintain friendly human contact while recovering.