AN ADVENTURE-LOVING cat has become a local celebrity for walking the streets with his family and socialising with residents.  

Dexter has developed a reputation of accompanying his family around Donnybrook, Bracknell on a daily basis and is well known by the residents in the area.

Many in the area know Dexter by name, talk to him on the streets and even stop their cars to allow him to cross the road.

Lucy Dart, the cat's owner said: "Dexter is quite needy and protective to say the least. He comes with us everywhere we go and he has even started walking the kids to school and to the bus stop.

"This year he accompanied us around the area for trick or treating along the whole route. We tried to discourage him but be wasn't having any of it. He came with us to every house and joined in on the fun."

Dexter has a long history of gambolling with his family and hates to miss out on any days out with his owners.

"Last summer we were going to a barbecue at my husband's parents' house and he walked with us all the way from Donnybrook to Octavia for the barbecue, dropped us there, made sure we were happy and then walked back home again," Mrs Dart added.

"We think it is because he loves the children and doesn't want them to be alone, so he goes with to watch over them. He fathers them and definitely thinks he is part human."