There are two huge emotions that affect everybody at some point in their lives – hate and love. 

Hearing and seeing National and International news it would seem that the only one that makes the daily headlines is hate. What brings about this deadly emotion? 

We know that for terrorists they are indoctrinated – their minds are played with and they come to believe that what they are doing is right. 

But then we get disjointed families where there is hate is prevailing and we hear the expression “I can never forgive”. We have children/teenagers hating each other and being bullied etc.  

What occurs to me is that what is good in the world doesn’t seem to make headlines in the same way as the bad.. 

Yes – when disaster strikes it does bring about the best in people. We hear about neighbours etc. opening their homes to the distressed, to those involved in disasters and to bring aid. But it is the bad that seems to get the bigger part. 

Hate and love are the opposite end of the spectrum but can be equal in intensity. 

Hate can and does cost lives, it can hurt in so many ways and be totally destructive. 

Love costs too. When we love someone and they are ill, dying or are already gone it really hurts. To see someone we love suffering in any way – it hurts. It hurts to see our children struggling.  

We should remember, tho’, what it cost Jesus because he loved us. Because of what he did, we don’t have to suffer as he did. Jesus said “greater love has no man than this – that he lay down his life for his friend”.   Would we do that? 

If love ruled the world, and if we do to others as we would like them to do to us, then this world would be a so much better place.