THE REIGNING roller-ski champions of Great Britain are bringing their sport to Bracknell.

Last year Steph Cook and Jordan Andrews raced to first place in the women's and men's national finals respectively.

Now the pair, who run sessions of the wheel-based Nordic sport in London, are setting up a club at Garth Hill College.

"I have been roller-skiing for 15 years," explained Ms Cook.

"In races we generally ski between six and 15km. We do the races in cycle tracks because roads are too busy.

"It can be painful when you fall over, but I haven't fallen for a long, long time and with beginners we use knee pads and it is very safe.

"We are looking forward to bring roller-skiing to Bracknell."

On October 12 at 6.15pm a roller-ski session for all abilities will meet at Garth Hill for an hour, with sessions every Thursday following.

All equipment is provided.