THE TOWN'S MP has hit out at The Daily Mail over a story featured on today's front page.

Today the headline 'Minister: Britain's too selfish to care for its elderly' was splashed across the paper.

Underneath Dr Phillip Lee is quoted as saying Britain is a 'selfish' society in which families paid others to look after their elderly.

Around 12am this morning Dr Lee took to Twitter to show his dissatisfaction with the article.

He wrote: "Completely fabricated story. My comments have been deliberately manipulated to give a wholly false impression. Wonder who planted it & why?"

The Daily Mail article quotes a speech the Justice Minister made at an Age UK organised fringe event at this week's Conservative conference.

He is reported to have said: "When I used to do [GP] visits, I would go into residential nursing homes and I would rarely meet a Jew, a Muslim or a Hindu.

"It’s uncomfortable for me. But in those communities it’s a responsibility that they look after their own; that they care for each other at different stages of our lives.

"And we don’t do that. We are outsourcing the care of our parents. Why have we gone down that path – is it because we have become a bit selfish?

"I want to be cared for and looked after by people who know me and I know them.

"I don’t want to see a stranger knocking on the door with a meal. I want to see somebody that I know – a friend, somebody in my family.

"I think care is much better delivered by people who truly care, not people who are paid to care."

Whether the 47 year-old was accurately quoted or not, the article inspired much debate online.

David Luke questioned the feasibility of working people looking after their elderly loved ones.

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Dan Coleman welcomed the presence of a new Dr Lee, after the minister made three headlines in the last week.

 DrvingMissDaisy agreed with the underlying sentiment.

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