Brutal attackers have once again shot and injured a swan on the Thames at Windsor.

The attack is believed to have happened in the River Street area late on Monday.

Wendy Hermon, the treatment co-ordinator at the Swan Rescue centre at the Queen Mother Reservoir, Horton Road, Datchet, went out with her team at 7am Tuesday to collect the injured bird.

She said the pellet had passed right through the fleshy part of the female swan's head at the top of her neck but that she was expected to recover.

Mrs Hermon is all too familiar with such attacks, which happen regularly along the Thames in Windsor. Only a week earlier she attended the scene in Reading after a swan was fatally shot.

She said: "The question I always ask is why people would want to do this.

"There has been as steady run of attacks like this in recent years and I still just don't get it."

The horrifying example of brutality in Reading last week saw volunteers from Swan Support go out to the Thames near Blake's Lock, where they found a dead swan that had been shot and had its neck broken.

Witnesses had reported seeing it attacked by fishermen after it approached their boat apparently looking for bread.

Swans are protected by law and police have warned that people seen to attack them will be prosecuted If you see an injured swan or have any concerns about one Swan Support can be called on 07968 868172 or 07572 450967, or email us at