THE FAMILY of a terminally ill young man with a large brain tumour are doing all they can to be with him during his final days.

Nick Hilton recently moved to Merthyr Tydfil in Wales from Bracknell to be with his girlfriend, when he started getting headaches.

Despite doctors' assurances they were only migraines, the pain intensified until one doctor sent the 22 year-old to hospital for an MRI scan.

“On September 20 our family was told the tragic news that Nick has a brain tumour and it was serious," brother-in-law Nick Harding said.

“Nick was transferred to St Georges Hospital where he met with the Doctors who gave Nick the sad news that there was nothing they could do for him as the tumour is too big and deep within his brain."

Now back at Frimley Park Hospital, Mr Hilton's family have been told he has six to 12 weeks to live.

"Nick’s final wishes are to go back home and to go on a family holiday to Great Yarmouth," Mr Harding continued.

“A holiday is most likely not going to be able to happen. He is not well enough and now needs 24 hour a day care.

"We as a family want to be there for Nick and support his wish of coming home to be around his family in his remaining days. We are working with the hospital to arrange for this to happen."

A JustGiving crowd-funding appeal has been set up to allow Mr Hilton's dad to take time off work to be by his son's bedside and to pay for the funeral.

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