LEXICON bosses have attempted to clear up parking confusion by erecting a new sign outside the Princess Square car park.

The bright green sign reads 'SHORT STAY' to clear up any confusion as to whether the car park can be used for a day visit.

A number of customers expressed shock and anger at the high parking prices they were charged for longer stays - a three hour stay costs £10.

Organisers of the new shopping centre hope the new sign will solve the issue and make it clear that you should only enter the car park for a short stay.

Rob Morris, general manager at Bracknell Regeneration Partnership said: “We are pleased to be able to offer shoppers visiting The Lexicon something a little different to other parking options in the town centre.  

"The Princess Square Car Park with 530 spaces, is ideally located, and will offer extremely reasonable prices for short visits to the town centre.

“The reason behind the change in parking charges for Princess Square car park is to create a short stay car park in the heart of the town centre.

"Princess Square Car Park will offer a range of affordable parking tariffs for shoppers and visitors wishing to make short visits of up to 2 hours to The Lexicon.

"Charges in Princess Square Car Park have remained unchanged since 2011.”

To park in Princess Square for thirty minutes the cost is 90p, for one hour it is £1.20, two hours is £2, three hours is £10 and an all day stay will set you back £20.