MORE than 8,000 children from 26 primary schools in Bracknell Forest have ditched their parents' cars and walked to school.

Running from May 15 to 19, National Walk to School Week has pupils complete a five day walking challenge and record their daily journeys to school on class wall charts.

Living Streets, the charity which runs the national Walk to School campaign, argues that parents who walk the journey to school with their children find it less stressful, their petrol bill goes down, and they and their children feel healthier and fitter.

Andrew Hunter, chief officer for planning, transport and countryside at Bracknell Forest Council, said: “Walking to school is a brilliant way for children to get active and healthy, and is also an important opportunity for them to learn road safety skills.

"Fewer cars mean less congestion, less pollution and a much better atmosphere outside the school gates.”

Continuing on a similar theme, Crown Wood Primary school pupils wore their favourite footwear as they walked to school on Happy Shoes Day.

Children were asked to make a donation and the money raised went to UNICEF.