The fire service has released details of a family's lucky escape after an aerosol can exploded during a fire in the bedroom of their house.

Three crews of firefighters from Slough and Windsor fire stations were called to Spencer Road, Slough at 4.27pm yesterday.

They used two breathing apparatus and one hose reel to extinguish the fire and had put the blaze out after half an hour.

Fortunately the family had been able to escape the blaze but substantial damage had been caused inside the property.

An aerosol can had been heated up, causing it to explode breaking several windows in the house with the force.

Firefighters decided the fire had been started accidently but have issued a warning about the serious fire risk posed by aerosol cans.

Sean Keeley, Station Commander at Slough Fire Station said: “This is not an isolated incident, as we have attended several fires recently involving aerosol cans.

“Aerosol cans are highly dangerous. They contain flammable products which have been stored at pressure and should be kept away from a naked flame at all times.”