PARENTS and carers listened intently to philosophy workshops.

Dozens of parents, carers and members of staff from The Marist School attended the workshop called Philosophy for Children at the Sunninghill school on Thursday, March 30.

An education consultant called Will Ord delivered the workshop, designed to help parents and carers explore practical things they can do to help their children when they are growing up.

Deborah Kite, assistant principal at The Marist, said: “The workshops provided a great opportunity for parents and teachers of education to think about education beyond grades.

“It’s a philosophy for children that we here at The Marist fully embrace.”

Fixed and growth mindsets were also explored on the day, introducing those in attendance about the uses of different words.

On March 31, Will also led a practical INSET day that was attended teachers from visiting schools, which showed how the project can aid the school curriculum.