A keen recycler has won an LG Ultra HD 4k television thanks to the Royal Borough's recycling incentive programme.

Maidenhead woman Christine Wilkinson took position of her new telly when it was personally delivered by the Royal Borough's marketing manager Kathryn Best and Melanie Penfold - the local authority account manager from Greenredeem.

She had won the top prize for January after entering the prize draw with points gained for her recycling efforts at home.

She said: “It was all a bit of a surprise when I found out that I’d won. I recycle every week and have been a member of the scheme since it began in 2009. In January. I spent 500 points entering the prize draw – the equivalent of about 2 months recycling. We can now recycle our old TV from upstairs and replace it with the lovely new one.”

All residents in the Royal Borough could join the Greenredeem scheme and get rewarded for recycling at home. Go to www.greenredeem.co.uk to register and start earning points straight away.