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You want to make sure your child is getting their daily dose of fruit and veg, but you don't want them to turn their noses up when they open that lunchbox lid. So why not pleasantly surprise your child with a healthy and convenient snack, ideal for their lunchbox or playtime treat?

Sun-Maid California Raisins are a healthy alternative to sweets and chocolate and count as one of your 5-A-Day. In a portable box, they are 100% natural, as healthy as fresh fruit and a fun way to get your children to eat healthier. As a bonus, they are also pound for pound cheaper than fresh fruit.

Sun-Maid's famous red boxes are full of delicious California raisins to brighten up your child's day. They have no added sugars, preservatives or glazing agents, 'Just Grapes and Sunshine' added to make this flavourful raisin. Many adults remember them with fondness from their childhood, who in turn buy them for their children.

Not only are they perfect for your child's lunchbox but an ideal ingredient for baking with your children too. They make an excellent ingredient for cakes, biscuits and even to sprinkle on your child's breakfast cereal.

They are non-perishable, available all year round and easy to store and transport, making Sun- Maid California Raisins the loveable snack for both you and your children.

To celebrate their 100th anniversary this year, Sun-Maid is giving away a fun packed prize full of Sun-Maid treats.

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