Airwave staff look back on their Olympic adventure

Published: 23 Nov 2012 06:300 comments

'PROUD' workers that helped supply the communication systems for more than 18,000 staff, volunteers and emergency service employees during the Olympic Games have looked back on their experiences.

Kim Slaymaker, based in Slough, worked from the Airwave hub in the Olympic Park

Kim Slaymaker, based in Slough, worked from the Airwave hub in the Olympic Park

Airwave, which has its head office based in Windsor Road, Slough, became the first ever official Private Mobile Radio services provider for an Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer.

The company built a completely new, independent communications infrastructure for the showpiece event, called Apollo, which was used by LOCOG staff, volunteers and emergency services.

Airwave worker Lisa Haines, based in Slough, was a volunteer at the event. She said: "I am so proud of the work all of us at Airwave have done this summer, and in the years leading up to it, to help make the Olympic and Paralympic Games such a success for this country.

"We've had the dual role of working with the emergency services to help keep the public safe, and working with LOCOG to help make sure the events all went off without a hitch. I am thrilled that the Games has been such a fantastic success for our brilliant athletes, all the people who enjoyed watching the Games, and my colleagues here in Slough."

She volunteered with police officers to provide the equipment and training needed to keep in touch with colleagues, and handed out novelty promotional treats at the venue.

The company has also partnered with sporting charity SportsAid to sponsor up and coming athletes.

Triathlete Connor Banks said: "Airwave as a company has really got behind the Olympics in a big way this year, and I hope that I can show my appreciation by bringing home a gold from Rio!"

He has been paired with Airwave worker David Robinson, who added: "I am a keen triathlete myself and really enjoyed learning from Connor and understanding the hard work and dedication needed to reach the top of sport.

"It was thrilling to watch the Games, knowing that my company was helping to keep things running and that I had a very small part to play in helping Team GB to win in the future."

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