Warings are eggy, steady, go for TV

Published: 8 Nov 2012 11:310 comments

A FAMILY bakery that set up shop in Tilehurst in 1932 will make its TV debut this month when it lends a hand to eccentric celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

Warings Master Bakers will appear on the nation's small screens after catching the eye of production bosses at Channel 4's Heston's Fanastical Food, a new series where the madcap star cooks oversized versions of iconic British snacks, including the world's largest Kit Kat and ice-cream weighing over a ton.

Daniel Carr, PR manager at the bakery in Armour Road, which also has branches in Tilehurst's School Road, Caversham and Burghfield, said: "We got a call from the team, who had seen us on the internet and liked the look of us. They had been looking as far afield as Scotland because, believe it or not, they thought there wouldn't be many independent shops down south!

"But we jumped at the chance because its a brilliant opportunity, not only for the bakery but for the craft as a whole."

Staff worked through the night to help the 46-year-old chef create monumental digestive biscuits for the series, which began on Tuesday.

Mr Carr added: "Heston came down and we helped him with the baking side of things for the biscuits because he is already very knowledgeable.

"He was very down to earth and just said, 'I love what you do, so teach me what you know'.

"We spent hours waiting for the biscuits to dry, but we were all so up for helping that we didn't mind at all."

Their hard work impressed the team and they were later asked to supply loaves of bread and giant bread slices, which were delivered to Richmond Cricket Ground and Legoland in Windsor by managing director Janet Carr and director Alan Waring for two other episodes.

Mr Carr added: "We don't know when the episodes will be aired and a lot of it is under wraps, but we will all be tuning in to see if we made the cut!"

JC Engineering Products, in west Reading's Lovelock Road, also helped make specialist trays and tins for the oversized bakery goods.

Heston's Fanastical Food is on Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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